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The role of solar panels

A solar panel is a device that converts solar radiation directly or indirectly into electrical energy by photoelectric effects or photochemical effects. There are five layers of solar panels: photovoltaic glass, EVA, solar cells, EVA and backplane. The solar cell backplane is located on the back of the solar panel and generally has a three-layer structure. The following four points are the advantages of solar panels:
1. Insulation. High pressure resistance and high insulation performance
2. Shockproof. Shock and can effectively protect the battery chip break.
3. Water resistance. To prevent the water into the Dian, the battery from the protective effect.
4. Aging resistance. Use a longer time, anti-UV UV aging ≥ 25 years.
Compared to ordinary batteries and recyclable rechargeable batteries, the solar cells are more environmentally friendly green products, more worthy of promotion.