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The properties of the inner components of the PV module backplane

Backplane as a key part of the solar panel, the solar PV module safety, life and reduce power attenuation plays a vital role. The backplane structure can be roughly divided into the outer layer (also called the air layer), the middle layer and the inner layer. Each layer of material selection and collocation have affected the overall performance of the backplane, because the inner layer of the backplane is not directly exposed to outdoor environmental stress, its importance is often easy to be ignored. And the current market on the back of the inner layer of more types of materials, performance is also uneven. Below the Shenzhou photoelectric to take you to understand the PV module backplane inner layer material needs to have the performance.

1, the backplane inner layer material needs to have excellent weather resistance and mechanical strength, if the inner layer of the material itself has been aging cracking, its protection is out of the question.

2, the inner layer of the inner layer as a middle layer of PET polyester material protective layer, you need to have a good UV barrier effect, in order to avoid PET suffered UV damage. The figure is commonly used in the market a 250 micron PET UV test data, can be seen from the figure, PET polyester material only received less than 5kWh UV irradiation, the elongation at break down more than 50%; UV dose When 6kWh is reached, the mechanical properties of PET are completely lost (mild climate environment, the component's annual UV dose is 57kWh / m2). This shows that PET prone to light aging, the need for protection inside and outside the backplane. The PET polyester material in the middle layer of the backing plate mainly plays the role of electrical insulation, chemical barrier and mechanical support. If the destruction of PET, these features will be lost, so the inner layer of the backplane needs to be solar PV module front UV blocking, in order to achieve the purpose of protecting the middle layer of PET.