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Solar cell tester BSCT-102 ZL-3/ZL-4

Product categories:Solar Module/cell Tester
Product display:Solar cell tester BSCT-102 ZL-3/ZL-4

Technical Parameters:

Dimension: 600mm×850mm×1600mm

Weight: 300kg

Type: Flash type of light source, touches automatically by pneumatic probe, and test semi-automatically

Power Supply: 220VAC Single Phrase

Max. Power: 1000W

Compressed Air Flux: 0.6MPa,0.3m3/min

Test Mode Single time flash test and pneumatic probes touch automatically

Light Source: Long arc pulsed xenon lamp in accord with IEC60904-9 spectral irradiance distribution requirement.

Xenon Lamp Life-Span: 100000 times

Criterion transfer mode: Standard module transfer the criterion,measure contrastively.

Temperature amend mode: Amend through connotative mode

Light Spectrum: AM1.5

Light Intensity: 100mW/cm2

Non-uniformity of Light Intensity: ≤±3%

Flash Duration: 3ms

Test Area: 160mm × 160mm

Test Accuracy: ±2%

Test repeatability error: ≤±0.5%

Test time: 4s

Max. Open Circuit Voltage: 1V

Max. Short Current: 10A

Max. Test Power: 8W

Test Parameters: I-V curve,Isc,Voc,Im,Vm,Pm,FF,η%,Rs,Rsh

I-V Curve: About 10000 data points from Max. Test voltage to Max. Test Current

Operation system: Windows XP

Temperature range: 10℃-35℃

Humidity range: 10%-70%