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Servo: BSZK09B

Product categories:Solar Module Framing machine
Product display:Servo: BSZK09B

1. General Description

1.1 Name: Solar Module Framing Machine

1.2 Type: BSZK09B


2. Technical Parameter

Perform Accuracy: Difference between the opposite sides within ±1mm;

Operating Mode:

Automatic + by manual
Difference between the diagonal sides within 1.5mm;
Difference between the four angles within ±0.5○;
Max. Equipment Overall dimension 2240×2100×950~1000(mm) Weight (Kg): About 1900
Driving Power: Servo Motor Power Supply: 380V 50Hz
Max. Power (Kw) 5.7 Compressed air pressure (MPa): 0.4-0.8
Max. Framing up overall dimension 1950*1050*(35-50)(mm) Min. Framing up overall dimension 1400*800*(35-50)mm