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Semi laminator (BSL1122OC/BSL2222OC)

Product categories:Solar Module Laminator
Product display:Semi laminator (BSL1122OC/BSL2222OC)

1. Control Mode:Operation of semi-auto and manual.

2. Integrated Control Technology: It can realize complicated polytechnic acquirement of Vacuum Technology, Pressure Transmission Technology and PID self-tuning Technology.

3. It adopts SIEMENS PLC Programmable control and Touch-Screen control.



Laminating Size  () Weight (T) Power (KW) Vacuum Pump
BSL1122OC 1 .1 m×2. 2 m 2.6 Max. Power: 45 Working Power: 20-25 2x-15
BSL2222OC 2. 2 m×2. 2 m 5 Max. Power: 48 Working Power:30-36 2x-70
Remarks The standard specification can be designed by clients

Technical Parameters

Power Supply: AC380V 3 Phases 5 Lines

Compressed Air Pressure: 0.6~0.8MPa

Compressed Air Flux: ≥0.4M3/min

Height of Vacuum Cavity: 25mm

Temperature Uniformity: ±1.5℃

Temperature Accuracy: ±1.5℃

Temperature Range: Room Temperature to 180℃

Laminating Time: 2~4min (Without Solidifying)

The Max .Vacuum: <100Pa within 90s

In addition to above specification, the pipes can be produced according to customer’s requirements.

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