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Manual Framming machine BSZK05

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1. Equipment Name: BSZK05 Framing Machine


2. Equipment Function: Put module on framing machine to finish the framing. Suitable for the framing of different size module, with single structure and easy to operate.


3.Equipment Main Parameter

Suitable Range:Adapt to framing up single crystal /poly crystalline silicon module.

Module Size: Min Module Size: 500*700mm

Max Module Size: 1000*2000mm

Glass thickness: 3.2~6mm

Frame size: 30~50mm


Frame Accuracy:

Difference between the opposite sides within ±1mm;

Difference between the diagonal sides within 1.5mm;

Difference between the four angles within ±0.5○;

Frame gap: <0.3mm

Framing production beat: <50s。

Outsize: 2600×1620×880mm(height±30mm)

Weight: 0.6t


Power Requirement:

Working Air Pressure 0.5Mpa~0.8Mpa

Air Consumption: 0.08m³/min

Equipment Total Power: 0.3kw

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