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Insulation & Voltage Resistance Tester

Product categories:Solar Module/cell Tester
Product display:Insulation & Voltage Resistance Testerr



Function:It tests the withstand voltage and insulation performance of the module through giving the machine high voltage.


Structure feature: The tray and the conveyor belt are reasonable designed,the size of the tray is designed as big as possible,avoid the module's deformation and subfissure;The tray is equipped with insulation materials whose withstand voltage is greater than 6000v, ensure no leakage, the work table is laid with soft material (rubber, PVC, etc.),avoid cracked and avoid scratching the module or the frame in the working process.It can complete the whole process of automatic testing through modular processing, the program will determine whether a module is qualified automatically according to the data given by the tester,the component will be conveyed out of the equipment automatically according to the program setting, and then into the next process.