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How to choose solar modules?

The five parameters of the battery pack are peak power, open circuit voltage, short circuit current, operating voltage, operating current. The selection of these parameters is very important.
Battery components according to the size of the power of the points, single-component power from 10W-300W have. Single-component power is proportional to the size and area, so the choice of power at the same time also choose the most appropriate size of the battery components to meet your installation space requirements. For example, you 20 square meters of space is 2 meters * 10 meters, you can choose the installation method shown in the following two.
The panel is exposed to sunlight (1000w / m2)
① in the absence of load under the circumstances measured voltage is open circuit voltage,
② directly to the positive and negative battery components measured short-circuit current is short-circuit current,
③ in the case of load with the measured voltage is the working voltage, the measured current is the operating current. The operating voltage is generally proportional to the open circuit voltage and the operating current is proportional to the short circuit current. The choice of these four parameters and the latter to select the relationship between the inverter is very large. In general, the open circuit voltage of the grid-connected battery pack is generally about 45 volts, and the operating voltage is generally about 35 volts. The operating current and open current vary with the component power.
Conduit and parallel connection of battery packs: Multiple battery packs can be used in series or in parallel, either in series and in parallel. In series with the grid system in order to obtain suitable for the operation of the grid inverter voltage, parallel to the same voltage level in order to increase the output power.