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For Automatic Bus-Bar Welding Machine

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Technical Index



Material Requirement

Module polarity requirement: Two side interconnected ends are all in positive-negative sequential alternation.
Space between bus bar and cell edge no less than 3mm.
length variation of cell strings ±0.5mm
Straightness deviation of cell strings ≤0.5mm
Spacing deviation of cell strings ≤0.5mm, space between cells ≤5mm

Welding Type

High-frequency Welding (welding temperature adjustable within 450℃)

Welding Tension

Average tension>6.5N

Control system


Positioning method

Controlled by four axis robot and servo-motion under visual guidance


156*156mm/ 156.75*156.75mm monocrystal/polycrystal;
standard configuration of 4 bus bars, grating spacing 39mm; can upgrade to 5BB.

Bus bar specification: Width:6-8mm;
Material: Tinned copper tape.
Feeding Mode: disc feed with straight welding rod at end; and box feed with right-angle welding rod at top end.

Compatible to cell modules of 10 or 12 pcs/strings of 156*156

Operating Parameter

CDA Pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa
CDA Usage: 360L/min at 0.6MPa
Total Weight:2.5T
Overall Dimension:3500mm×2300mm×2100mm
Module Conveying Height: 950±30 mm
Power Requirement and Average Power:AC380V/ 5 Lines, Peak Power:8KVA, Average Power:4KVA
Tact time: 65pcs/module, calculated as 6 cell strings per module Up Time>95%(Deduct the normal maintenance time)

Service Life

Design life >10 years

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