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EVA Cutting and Paving Machine on line

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Equipment Main Parameters:

Power 6kw Working Air Pressure 0.5Mpa~0.8Mpa
Power Supply AC 480V±10%,50HZ,3phase5line,control pressure: DC 24V
Max Cutting Length 2000mm Min Cutting Length 20mm
Max Cutting Width 1200mm Min Cutting Width 220mm
Cutting Accuracy ±1.5mm Punching Accuracy ±2mm
Paving Accuracy ±2mm Operation Mode Automatic/Manual


Weight Around 2800Kg
Paving Beat <25S Area 15㎡


Function: Finish EVA cutting, punching and laying automatically on this unit during module production process.


Application Range: Apply to EVA automatic cutting and paving process during module production process.


EVA Online Cutting Unit is composed of EVA cutting machine, laying manipulator and control system. Set laying manipulator at unloading table of EVA cutting machine, finish gripping and paving action, completely cooperating with automatic production line. Adopts above structure, not only improve the production efficiency but also reduce the work intensity.

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