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EL Tester LMEL04 On Line

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Descriptions Name Solar Module EL Tester
Module BSA-EL02
Applicable Process Before laminating
Application silicon solar module  (special equipment for testing solar modules internal defects before laminating)
Specifications     Transport  Mode Horizontal transport, can be connected with automatic module production line.
Shooting Modes Single camera mirror reflection 6000*2400  2400million pixel
Single Module Test Time 35S
Effective Testing Size 2000 mm * 1100 mm
Acquisition Image Time 1-30S adjustable
Voltage-stabilized Power 0-20A continuously adjustable; 0-60V
continuously adjustable
Test Module Length 1400mm~2000mm
Test Module Width 800mm~1200mm
Transport Surface Height  950mm~1000mm (adjustable)
Judging Defect Types Welding black spot
Show crack black spot and hidden crack black spot
Current mix grade
Cell process defects             
(broken grating line, sintering, cobwebing, pollution)
Cell raw material pollution
Typical insufficient welding
Power Supply 220V/50Hz     ≤1000W
Temperature 10-35℃
Relative Humidity <80%
Computer Lenovo HD displayer

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