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EL& visual inspection Tester

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Product display:EL& visual inspection Tester




The panel go through this unit, adopt mechanical structure to realize precise localization, use visual imaging technology, automatic imaging on the screen in order. By the match of servo system , achieve appearance imaging of panel and EL imaging alternately, the photo displays different displayers, convenience for people to check any scraps and effect of laying, and judge whether accord with the standard process.


Main TechnicalParameters

Suitable length of module: 1550mm~2000mm

Suitable width of module: 850mm~1100mm

Transportation machinery: PU synchronous belt with gelatinizing on the surface. To ensure that go smooth and do not scratch the glass.

Origin of camera: import.

Image acquisition time:  0~30s adjustable

Test period of each module : within 40s.

Voltage-stabilized source: constant voltage  constant flow source,0~20A、 0~60V  adjustable.

Interpretable types of defects:Show crack black spot、hidden crack black spot、Welding black spot,Current mix grade, cells manufacturing defects(broken gate, pollution), cells raw materials pollution, lack of solder, At the same time can be a detailed inspection of module laying quality.


Operating conditions

Power supply:AC380V±10% 50 Hz  Five wire three-phase power supply

Air supply:0.6~0.8Mpa Dry and clean air supply

Environment temperature:15~30℃

Relative humidity:≤60%

Attach:Equipment diagram and EL master drawing.

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