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Double stringer with lay-out machine 3000-V

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Product display:Double stringer with lay-out machine 3000-V



Item Specification
Distance between Solar Cells Between 2-4mm,adjustable; Distance Error: ±0.3mm
Straightness of Cell String Take 10 pcs/ string, measurement below 0.5mm
(except poor printing of solar cell)
Length Deviation of Solar Cell ±0.5mm
Bus Bar Positioning Accuracy ≤0.2mm
Welding Point Peel Strength 180°degrees in the reverse direction,
pull strength no less than 2.5 N
Cell Feeding Detection Capability Fragment, Unfilled Corner Detection (edge breakage extension ≥ 0.5mm) reference process requirements
Cell Positioning Accuracy Parallelism Deviation≤±0.1mm;Angle Deviation≤±0.1°
Flux Matching Bus bar matching of 63%Sn,37%Pb,62%Sn,36%Pb,2%Ag; 60%Sn,40%Pb,, can accept the matching of the national standard。
Fragment Rat 0.2%(Take production data of five days as inspection data)
Flux Coating Method Spray flux to the solar cell surface
Welding Technique Non-contact Infrared Heating
Control System PLC+ Touch Screen
Compatibility 156*156mm monocrystal/polycrystal, 156mm 3 bus bar,4bus bar,other size need customize
Thickness of Solar Cell:160um ~250um,produce without changing equipment.
Bus Bar Size:1mm ~1.8mm; 1.2mm standard configuration, other size need convert component.
Bus Bar Thickness:0.2mm ~ 0.3mm
Each Solar String≤12pcs,Cell String Longest Length is 2000mm,Error:±1mm.
Operating Parameter CDA Pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa
CDA Dosage: when 0.6MPa,360L/min
Mainframe has air outlet, caliber: 100mm, PVC material
Power Supply: AC380V, five-wire system, max power: 25KW, average power: 20KW
Normal running speed non-stop, no changing bus bar, can up to 1.2 s/pcs, ≥3000 cycles/hour, actual capacity ≥2800 cycles/hour,
UPtime>95%(Deduct normal maintenance time)
Machine Life Designed life ten years

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