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Detection of PV module performance

When the solar panel is running for a period of time, it needs to be tested to determine the performance of the PV module. There are currently two types of PV modules tested: power attenuation testing and EL testing.

1, power attenuation test. According to national standards, PV module 2 years of decay rate should be less than 3.2%. But the current data is really hard to say, for three reasons:

(1) PV module appearance power is calibrated with laboratory standard light source and test environment, but it seems that the domestic manufacturers of different standard light source there is a certain difference. That in the A factory calibration 250W components, to the B factory, may be 245W components.

(2) the accuracy of the instrument used in field testing is poor, it is said that within 5% of the error is acceptable. With the error of 5% of the instrument, measured 2% (1 year) attenuation, the difficulty of some large, the results are doubtful.

(3) the site of the test conditions with the laboratory difference is large, just at 1000W / m2, 25 ℃ time too little! Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a test value to the standard value of the conversion, and the output power and irradiance in a very small interval is only positive correlation. Even at 800W / m2, is not positive correlation. Therefore, in the conversion time, there must be an error.

In addition, many components may be -3% of the factory power deviation, not attenuation, 3% directly gone.

2, EL test. When the solar PV module has a problem, the local resistance increases and the temperature of the area rises. EL tester, like our X-ray machine in the medical examination, can carry out physical examination of the PV module - through the infrared image shooting, according to the different temperature, the image presents a different color, which is very easy to find a lot of PV components problems: , Hot spot, PID effect and so on.