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Auto Three chamber (BSL2345STC01)

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Name Automatic Solar Module Laminator
Type 2345STC01
Parameters Power Supply AC380V 3phase 5line Weight 41.8T
Compressed Air Flow ≥750L/min Control Platform Touch Screen
Total Power 175KW Operating Power 100KW

Laminator Model

1. Effective Laminating Size:2300 mm ×4500mm

2. Overall Dimension:Length 27100mm× Width 3530mm× Height 1850mm

3. Heating Method:Heating oil

4. Compressed Air Pressure:0.6~0.8MPa

5. Vacuum Degree:100~40Pa

6. Vacuum Speed:70L/S

7. Temp Control Accuracy:±1.5℃

8. Temperature Control Range:room temp to 180℃

9. Temperature Uniformity:within effective laminating size≤±2℃

10. Laminating Chamber Height:30mm

11. Vacuum Time:Depends on laminating technology, suggest 5~8min

12. Cover Travel Distance:300mm